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Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying.
Ernest Holmes

CLASS: Follow Your Bliss – The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell

From 08/24/16 7:00 pm until 08/24/16 9:00 pm
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Popular lecturer Peter Bolland brings four of his most compelling presentations to Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living on four Wednesday evenings in August. Expand your understanding, deepen your appreciation, and awaken your curiosity around key philosophical, spiritual, mythological, and artistic themes. Each multi-media lecture is a stand-alone presentation, yet together all four weave a tapestry of insightful and inspirational learning.
Come to one, or come to them all!

Wednesday, August 24th

Follow Your Bliss – The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell

Leading scholar of mythology and intellectual firebrand Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) was famous for advising his students to “follow their bliss.” In the sixties and seventies he was dismayed to learn that in mainstream usage his popular saying had come to mean little more than “do your own thing” – a mantra of self-centered hedonism – the polar opposite of his intention. What did Campbell mean by “bliss?” How was this assertion rooted in his wide-ranging study of the world’s religious, philosophical, literary, and mythological traditions? It turns out bliss, (ananda in Sanskrit), has little to do with private happiness. Following your bliss has more to do with uncovering your sacred purpose than it does with blindly following your whims and desires. Bliss, not to be confused with pleasure, is found only in fully-realized, authentic lives where fear and artifice are stripped away revealing our innate divinity. Join us as we explore Campbell’s essential role in the Human Potential movement of the 20th century and in the continuing spiritual awakening of our own time.

Facilitator: Peter Bolland
Time: 7:00 - 9:00
Cost: $15 for this class or $50 for all 4 classes

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