We at VISION respect and honor your choice to support us. 
Your love and generous gifts are appreciated. Thank you in advance and know your gift is accepted with the love in which you give it.



Ways to Financially Support Vision     


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  Digital Based Payment Programs


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Mail In Giving
    Send a check to  Vision CSL

     4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H
    San Diego, CA  92120

          Text to (206) 859-9405 and type "visioncsl" in your text message.

You will get a return text with a link to donate.


Qualified Charitable Donations
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Plenty of retirees like to give back to VisionCSL through charitable donations, but questions often arise over the best way to do that. What approach is efficient, provides the tax benefits you’re after, and also is advantageous for VisionCSL that’s on the receiving end?

One possibility is a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), a tax-savvy way to reduce your taxable income and maximize your donations whether you itemize deductions on your tax return or not. An added bonus is that the benefits can be large for both the donor and VisionCSL.

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Year End Giving

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